Saturday, 24 January 2009

Url's a Singer...

We had a 'modern technology' session at Uni this week. It was all about urls, embedding videos, and rss feeds. What can I say? The only 'feeds' I'm familiar with, are oven-bake pizzas.

The youngsters in the group had no problems, of course; they were just born knowing how to self-scan groceries in ASDA or set-up a web link to Mars. Us oldies had a few more problems...

"Twitter? Isn't that just the noise a sparrow makes when he's horny? Why d'we want that on our blogs?"

"Twitter's a form of social networking."

"Cool! Will it organise a speed-dating evening?"

"We'll link it to your blog to help your readers keep up-to-date with your news."

"What's the point of that? I'm the only one who ever reads the bloody thing."

By the end of the session, our lovely lecturer had beads of perspiration across his upper lip, and a persistent tic beneath his right eye. Well, it can't be easy teaching technology to a group of Special Needs students...


Jac said...

Found you! Hope you enjoyed the snow today - it was such a gift. Love your blog and now a following fan (that sounds electrical!) Jac X

Pete London said...

WHAT'S THIS?! Another button? What does it do? Why haven't I got one? Hmph.

Hope you're doing OK.