Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Sex Slave for Valentines Day...

I Saw the wonderful Sex Slaves last night in their farewell gig. Well, probably their farewell gig... Enjoyed the music, the atmosphere and the dancing, although in my case, it was more bouncing up and down on the spot than dancing as I seemed to be hemmed in by a wild, whacky blond guy with elastic, flailing limbs and a dark-haired lady with huge knockers, which kept banging me in the shoulder blades. Boy, could those big mammas move.

I went with some mates and my (almost) seventeen year-old-son. I still can't get over that; how many (nearly) seventeen year-olds spend a Saturday night out with their mum? And it only cost me two pints of Fosters.

Farewell, Sex Slaves - a sad loss to the Cornish music scene.

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